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Brand: Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Rubber 80 Degree

Product code: MPL-AEG-80

Availability : In stock

  • Material: Rubber
  • Replica type: DMR and Sniper
  • Hardness: 80°
  • Best for: 500FPS – 600FPS (150m/s – 160m/s)
  • Increases range, consistency and precision!



Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Rubber 80 Degree

Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Rubber 80 Degree is synonym for maximum precision and range! Ideal for DMR replicas or Sniper replicas above 500FPS (150 m / s)!

Hidden in ambush waiting for opponents, all your hopes are on your long range capable replica. You did it all right. Camouflage, carefully chosen cover, replica has new gears, new spring and perfect sealing. The opponent appears at a distance that you are sure is not an obstacle for your replica. Last correction on optics, improving your position even more so that you can better see the expression on his face when it get hit by your BB. You take a deep breath and … you open fire! BB misses your target, your opponent finds you and destroys all your efforts. Known situation ?!

We often think that the range and precision depend only on spring, sealing and precision inner barrels. We look at the hop-up rubbers as something urgent and inexpensive, just to be in there. Maple Leaf Macaron Hop-Up Rubber 80 Degree is a result of many years of airsoft experience and many try-and-error innovations.

The Maple Leaf Macaron 80° is ready to improve your reach and precision without having to spend time browsing on the web, testing and testing, and poor results. Hop-Up Rubber is a factory solution to increase the range and accuracy of your BBs. Significantly improves grouping and consistency. With the Hop-Up combo, the Maple Leaf Hop-Up tensioner and the precision inner barrel gives fantastic results.

The hardness of 80° is ideal for DMR or Sniper replicas above 500 FPS up to 600 FPS. The materials enable smooth operation both during the summer and winter periods.
The outer ribbed shape will additionally seal the contact between the inner barrel and the hop-up chamber, which further contributes to achieving maximum precision, maximum range and incredible consistency!

Additional information

Shipping weight0.005 kg
Shipping size103 x 55 x 9 mm
Hop-Up Part Type


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