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Shipping Information




Now listen, we know once you place your order, you probably wanted it delivered yesterday, so one of our main goals is to have your products delivered to you as fast and hassle-free as possible.


In fact, the general rule of thumb here is: any orders placed before 2 p.m. on a workday, will be shipped on that same day; any orders placed after 2 p.m., will be shipped on the next workday. By workdays, we mean Monday through Friday. If the order is placed during the weekend or a holiday, we’ll ship it the first work day after it.


We are also trying our best to provide our customers not only with the best service possible but also secure the best shipping prices we can. We will update the prices regularly as we always strive to get a better deal with the forwarders we use.


Sounds good!? Let’s move on.


Delivery is done by two different forwarders, GLS and regular Post, using the Standard Mail Service. Depending on the shipping destination and restrictions you might have only one available to choose from, or both. The option to choose the available courier is available in the shopping cart and at checkout.


Also available in the shopping cart and at checkout are exact shipping fee calculations and delivery time estimates for the chosen delivery destination. Shipping is calculated based on the selected delivery destination and can be flat-rate, weight-based or even free, depending on the destination country, total weight and order value.


Please note that the delivery time estimates are in work days (holidays and weekends are not included).


GLS delivery is available for Slovenia and all countries within the European Union, with the exception of Cyprus, Malta and in some cases, depending on the ordered items, Greece. Shipping prices for GLS are flat-rate, based on 8 different shipping zones across the EU, and are calculated at the cart and checkout.


There is no weight limit for orders sent through GLS (where available).


Postal Standard Mail Service is available for delivery to all the countries we sell to and is calculated based on the shipping weight of the order and destination country. Exact shipping fees are visible on both the cart and checkout pages. Total shipping weight estimates are visible on the cart page too.


Weight limit for Postal Service is 30.00 kg per order and it’s not possible to exceed. We recommend placing a second order if this limit is reached.


When a customer completes the checkout process with a payment, changes on the website user interface are no longer possible! For any changes after that please contact us.


If you are not present at the address at the time of delivery, the courier will notify you where you can pick up the ordered goods or arrange for the delivery again.


You can also pick up the products in person at the headquarters of FALX d.o.o., at the address: Brnciceva 13, 1231 Ljubljana, Slovenia.


Free Shipping Policy


Wait, there’s more!


Since we know spending your hard earned cash for shipping basically sucks, we decided to give you free shipping where and when we can. It’s currently limited only to specific countries, but we’re working the forwarders hard to be able to include as many of the destinations we can.


It goes like this:


  • Slovenia – free shipping for orders above 30.00 EUR, delivered by Post or GLS
  • Croatia – free shipping for orders above 60.00 EUR, delivered by Post or GLS
  • Serbia – free shipping for orders above 60.00 EUR, delivered by Post
  • Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands – free shipping for orders above 100.00 EUR, delivered by GLS
  • Denmark, Italy, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Monaco – free shipping for orders above 150.00 EUR, delivered by GLS
  • Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Romania, Spain, Sweden – free shipping for orders above 200.00 EUR, delivered by GLS
  • Cyprus, Malta – free shipping for orders above 250.00 EUR, delivered by Post
  • Greece, Ireland, Portugal, Bulgaria – free shipping for orders above 300.00 EUR, delivered by GLS


Please note that the free shipping policies are valid for retail orders only. Shipping costs for wholesale orders are calculated by us after receiving the order.


Damaged Package Claims Process


Complaints in the event of product damage during delivery are only considered within 15 days from the date of delivery to the customer’s address. Later complaints are not taken into account and we are reserving the right to refuse them.


The customer is obliged, upon receipt of the shipment, to verify its content and condition.


If the customer detects any damage to products or the package at the time of the takeover, we ask that you immediately refuse the shipment, inform the courier and request an official record to be made of the damaged shipment. If you discover that part of the shipment is damaged or missing, please inform the delivery service immediately via which the shipment was sent to you and request a record of the damaged shipment.


This will then be picked up from the side of the delivery service and delivered back to us and we will supply you with new products.


In case of the above-mentioned problems, please inform us at [email protected]


For any additional information related to delivery, please contact us at:
phone: +386 (0)8 200 5288
email: [email protected]

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