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Ordering / Payment




Purchase contract between FALX d.o.o. and the buyers at the YETAC SHOP online store is concluded at the moment when YETAC SHOP sends the first electronic message about the status of his order (with the title: confirmation of the receipt of the order) to the buyer. From this moment, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply both to FALX d.o.o. as for the buyer. The is buyer person or subject with data as indicated on the occasion of the award of the contract. From this point on, no further changes are possible.


The purchase contract (i.e., the first electronic message on the status of the order) is stored in electronic form on the FALX d.o.o. server.


Methods of payment


YETAC SHOP offers the following payment methods:

  • with cash upon delivery
  • by bank transfer to FALX d.o.o.
  • with an online credit card payment (American Express, BA Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron)
  • with a PayPal payment


For individual orders, we reserve the right to request payment by transfer to FALX d.o.o., after bid/bill, still, the price is published on the website.


After receiving the payment (for the above-mentioned example) after the offer/bill, the order goes ahead to the process of furling.


At the pick-up point of FALX d.o.o. you can pay with cash or with a payment or credit card (BA Maestro, MasterCard, Visa, Visa Electron). Payment with valuables is not possible.


When making a credit card payment online, please contact us at [email protected] in the event of canceling your order or changing your payment method.




All prices include VAT unless expressly stated otherwise.


Prices are valid at the time of the order and do not have a predetermined validity.


Prices apply in the case of payment with the above payment methods, under the conditions stated above.


The seller will do his best to ensure the up-to-date information, but in certain cases, it may happen that the published price is incorrect. In this case, the seller’s seller will notify the change of price prior to the processing of the order, and will also allow him to change the order or withdrawal from it.


Discounts and promotional codes are not cumulative!


At the acquiring site of the provider, individual items are available for purchase at a price equal to their price from the YETAC SHOP online store. All prices both in the online store and the prices at the takeover site contain VAT.


When buying at a pick-up site, it is not possible to redeem promotional codes, etc.


Pay Cards & Credit Cards


In the case of payment by payment or credit card, the following conditions apply:

  • the customer (data in the user’s account) must be the same person or organization as the owner of the payment or credit card
  • after confirming the receipt of the order, it is not possible to change the content of the order or of the final amount of the order, except with the approval of FALX d.o.o.




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